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established 1995
Worry Free

Worry Free

After being online for more than 18 years, we've seen it all. We know purchasing online can feel risky and requires a great deal of trust. This is why our products and services feature a money back guarantee.

Jargon Free

Jargon Free

Even though we are an online business, we won't bombard you with loads of technical terms. Everything is written for "normal" people, not just tech nerds ... although we love nerds too!

Fat Free

Fat Free

We pride ourselves on lean, and not so mean, websites. We work hard to remove the bloat you might find on other sites, which helps you get what you need fast so you can get on with things.

Our Sites

The Team

Based in Australia, our team has connections all over the globe and decades of experience with business, both online and off. We are focussed on providing exceptional service for all of our products ad services. Get in touch with us or connect on social media. We'd love to hear from you!

    Richard Pearce

    Managing Director

    After 16 1/2 years as a web developer, Richard now develops internal web projects.


    Tina Pearce

    Office Manager

    Tina looks after Bags of Charm, as well as the day to day running of RickSure.


    Trent Prees

    DIY Guitars

    When he's not playing live or teaching others, Trent manages DIY Guitars.


    Gerard Chue Hong

    Site Skills

    Master juggler of families and our various projects.

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